In the era of globalization and the multinational companies in every Indian city, English language has become the most accepted means of communication. It has become a necessity for each and every individual who wants to achieve their goal in life. ENGLISH GYAN has designed the Spoken English module as per the need of the hour. Our module is gaining popularity among many youngsters because of its uniqueness in style of teaching and practical application.

English for the Real World

Everyday communication Shopping, meeting friends, traveling, telephonic communication, visiting restaurants, visiting banks, malls, doctors, schools, colleges, and other real-life situations, vocabulary for everyday usages.

Basic Grammar

  • Sentence formation, Types of Sentence,
  • Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjective, Verb, Tenses, Preposition, Conjunction, Articles, Phrasal Verbs,
  • Latest proverbs and phrases.

Basics of Communication

  • Introduction to the English Language
  • Importance of Spoken English,
  • Vocabulary building,
  •  Pronunciation, Reading Skills,
  • Word Stress,
  • Using a Dictionary effectively
  •  Accent, Intonation, and voice modulation practice

Public Speaking

  • Role Play, Extempore, Conversation,
  • Debate, Group Discussion,
  • Presentation and Spoken activities.
  • Audio video sessions, English movies


  • Use of English Language with perfection
  • Use of English Language with perfection
  • Dealing with stage fear
  • List Item

Writing Skills

  • Diary writing, Story Making, Report Writing,
  • Letter Writing ( Formal / Informal)

Interview Skills

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Questions & Answers,